LittleBuds -                          Registered Private Childcare
Outdoor Area

Here at LittleBuds, outdoor play is an integral part of each and every day. It promotes a sense of personal, social and environmental awareness, develops fine and gross motor skills, and enhances a sense of well-being.  The vast array of outdoor activities help to stimulate curiosity, even among the youngest of children: indeed, a simple nature walk will unearth the most exciting rewards for young, developing minds! 
There are are many outdoor facilities that we have to offer, all are part of a carefully planned curriculum and are designed to stimulate and improve all areas of development. Here are some of our daily activities and the areas of development that they promote:

littlebuds childcare newry
littlebuds childcare newry
littlebuds childcare newry
Slides, see-saws, play houses: promoting gross motor skills / balance; and promote imaginative and creative play.

  • Ball games, bean bags, hoops etc, improving hand/eye co-ordination and colour recognition.

  • Variety of large and small cars, tricycles and double seated tricycles, promoting co-ordination and environmental awareness.

  • Sand and water play activities- sensory development and recognizing textures.

  • Outdoor Chalkboards - developing pre-writing skills and promoting fine motor skills.

  • Playground Chalking activities: e.g. Hopscotch, roads, car parks, games such as 'traffic lights', 'musical statues'.

  • Seeding, growing and nurturing plants, e.g.: Daffodil bulbs planted in Oct for Mother's Day; early and late seed potatoes; Sunflower plants; Blackberry picking and jam-making; compost-making, etc - promoting Environmental awareness and an introduction         to recycling.