LittleBuds -                          Registered Private Childcare
Toddlers/Pre-school Area

At LittleBuds, as your child progresses, they may choose from the variety of activities and resources on offer (many of which are listed below).  Our aim is to promote independence and confidence as they grow and socialize with their friends and us adults using carefully planned routines.  Their play activities and social interaction will take place within safe boundaries around daily activities, for example mealtimes (which we share with the children); hand washing, tooth brushing, and hygiene routines; and of course potty training (with which we have a 100% success rate!) 

littlebuds childcare newry
littlebuds childcare newry

  • Home Corner - encourages imaginative play e.g.. home, hospital, coffee shop, doctors.

  • Construction - road and train sets, mobilo, stickle bricks, mega blocks; tools and work bench: developing fine motor skills and creativity.

  • Puzzle Toys - jigsaws to suit each stage of development; sorting blocks; sequencing puzzles; animal dominos: promoting cognitive development.

  • Table-Top Toys - threading buttons, bears and reels; linking & matching elephants; chalk boards; Peggy pictures: developing hand/eye co-ordination and mathematical concepts.

  • Sand and Water Play - trays permanently set up in playroom: introducing mathematical and scientific concepts / & improving fine motor skills.

  • Painting, Gluing, Cutting and Sticking - promoting creative and aesthetic development.

  • Dance, Song and Rhyme Sessions - promotes social interaction, language development, physical development and co-ordination, and also improves self-confidence.

  • Musical Instruments (including a variety of instruments from around the world) helps to improve gross and fine motor skills, musical appreciation.

  • Large Wall Chalk Board - improving manipulative, writing and creative skills.

  • Books/Quiet Area - story telling and one-to-one reading sessions promote imaginative and language skills, as well as raising issues for further debate.

  •  Multicultural and Disability Awareness Toys - multicultural puppets, books, musical instruments, role play opportunities and outfits.

  • Tropical Fish Tank - Daily 'helper' to feed the fish - raising awareness of the environment, life-cycles, knowledge of the world around us, and responsibility when keeping pets.

  • Cooking and Baking Activities - promoting scientific and mathematical concepts, not to mention fun to eat!