LittleBuds -                          Registered Private Childcare

Eliza and Mario Garcia, parents of Maria (4 years) and Nadia (10 months)
"Our two daughters have attended Little Buds and they both settled down very well. The older one is an independent soul and when she started the nursery at 14 months, she was so happy and excited that she would not even notice that her parents were away all day. We were more concerned about our number 2 as she is an extremely clingy baby that would not peel away from her mummy easily. Somehow Rosemary and Paul managed to convert her and she really loves Little Buds and enjoys every minute spent there.  At Little Buds children are kept busy all days long, singing, painting, gluing and making every possible mess in the company of their friends.  I think the secret of the uniqueness of the place lays in the professional approach in a home-like environment. Children grow surrounded by both younger and older pals and they are always cared for by the same experienced people. This gives them a sense of security and reduces to a minimum the stress that they might be exposed to in conventional nurseries where the babies change groups and carers even as often as a few months. Little Buds is an exceptional day care place: when you bring your child in the morning you leave there without a sense of guilt. You might feel guilty though when you come to pick her up and she shows no interest at all in going back home with you!”

Flor and Cesar Paniagua, parents of Sarah (4 years) and Pablo (8 months)
"Our daughter has been with Rosemary and Paul for two and a half years and she has been so happy with them that I will always thank Rosemary and Paul for making life much easier leaving her every morning and their support to me as a working mother. They really care for the children with love, respect and experience stimulating them to learn and socialize through games and routine. When my daughter crossed the door of LittleBuds she completely forgot about us! She was with them all day but she felt that she was in an environment that was as a family, so she was always happy, and even when she was a baby she cried every time that she had to leave LittleBuds!! When I met Rosemary and Paul for the first time I felt they were exactly what I was looking for; I have to say they are even better!!!"

Helena and Steven Ferguson, parents of Ellie (5 years) and Flynn (2 years)
"Rosemary & Paul, after searching all the day nurseries, child care centres and private child minders in and around Newry, I found yourselves and you truly are the best.Five years ago when I was searching for Ellie to start somewhere it was vital that the people, place and daily routine was to the highest standards, as I'm sure you realise it’s hard leaving your child with someone else to be looked after when you return to work. You certainly ticked all the boxes and more. Not only are you very kind caring people, your Day Care Nursery is truly a Little treasure, so homely, warm and welcoming.What impressed me even more was that you follow the National Preschool Criteria, so the children are getting the correct pre-school education they need before starting primary school.Ellie thoroughly enjoyed LittleBuds, because it was fun and educational, and as for the lovely home cooked dinners! How do you keep the place so clean with all those little ones painting and colouring! I can truly say LittleBuds is everything you want and more for your child.Ellie had a ball with you all and still talks to this day about you and her friends that she made. Now my Son Flynn who has been with you for the past year, is loving it just the same as Ellie did.. All I can say is “happy children make for very happy Mummies and Daddies!" In our eyes you are the best Day Care Nursery around, both me and Steven and the two kiddies love LittleBuds, thank you for your dedication."